AI-Powered Monitor: A Game-Changer in Competitive Gaming

At CES 2024, MSI unveiled the MEG 321URX QD-OLED Display, a 32-inch 4k screen monitor equipped with AI features that are set to revolutionize gaming, particularly in multiplayer games like League of Legends. The monitor’s AI Accelerator is designed to help players locate enemies in competitive games like League of Legends by displaying their positions with on-screen icons, offering a significant advantage to players using it.

Turning Players into Gaming Champions

MSI’s latest offering, the MEG 321URX QD-OLED, is equipped with onboard AI, including an AI-powered SkySight feature that can locate and display enemy locations in League of Legends. The AI scans the game frame, identifies enemy champions on the mini-map, and then provides a visual indicator of their locations. Additionally, the monitor’s AI can track a player’s health status, represented by lighting up an RGB LED at the bottom of the screen to match the in-game health status. This AI assistance in locating opponents and monitoring health status can significantly enhance a player’s performance in multiplayer games.

Furthermore, even for non-League of Legends players, the monitor’s AI technology can be trained to identify health bars, enemies, and other on-screen features in their favorite games. The initial AI training requires the computer’s raw processing power, but the monitoring device takes over the processing subsequently, making it a versatile tool for enhancing gaming experiences across different titles.

Additional Features and Connectivity

Beyond its AI capabilities, the MEG 321URX QD-OLED boasts impressive specifications, including a QD-OLED panel for vibrant colors, a 240Hz refresh rate for smooth gaming at 4k resolution and 240 FPS, and a 0.002 ms response time. The monitor also features VESA ClearMR 13000 anti-blur certification, HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 2.1, and USB-C connectivity.

Expected Launch and Pricing

While the pricing for MSI’s MEG 321URX QD-OLED is yet to be officially announced, the monitor is expected to be launched in spring. As the launch date approaches, more details about the functionality and pricing of the AI-powered monitor are likely to be revealed by MSI.


1. How does the AI-powered monitor locate enemies in League of Legends?

The monitor’s AI utilizes a feature called SkySight to scan the game frame, locate enemy champions appearing on the mini-map, and then provide visual indicators of their locations on the screen.

2. Can the AI features of the monitor be used for games other than League of Legends?

Yes, the AI technology can be trained to identify health bars, enemies, and other on-screen features in various games, making it adaptable to different gaming experiences beyond League of Legends.

3. What are the key specifications of the MEG 321URX QD-OLED monitor?

The monitor features a QD-OLED panel, 240Hz refresh rate, 4k resolution at 240 FPS, 0.002 ms response time, and VESA ClearMR 13000 anti-blur certification, among other high-performance features.


MSI’s AI-powered monitor, the MEG 321URX QD-OLED, represents a significant advancement in gaming technology, offering players a competitive edge by providing AI assistance in locating opponents and monitoring in-game health status. With its impressive features and adaptability to various games, this innovative monitor has the potential to redefine the gaming experience for enthusiasts. As the release date approaches, gaming enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing the full capabilities of this game-changing monitor.

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