Ability Rundown, Role & Lore Explained

# Smolder: The Newest Addition to League of Legends

➤ Introduction
League of Legends players were introduced to Smolder, the Fiery Fledgling, on December 4th, 2023. After nearly two months, the champion stepped onto the Summoner’s Rift on January 31st, marking his official entry into the game. Let’s delve into the details of Smolder’s background, abilities, and more.

➤ Who Is Smolder in League of Legends?
Breaking from the serious tone typically associated with ADC champions, Riot Games sought to inject charm and cuteness into the bottom lane. They achieved this with the addition of Smolder, a playful young dragon learning the ropes of becoming the heir to the Camavoran imperial dragon lineage under the mentorship of his mother.

➤ Smolder’s Abilities in League of Legends
Smolder’s abilities are designed to provide a more straightforward playstyle compared to other ADCs, making him an accessible option for players. His abilities consist of:

– ✍️Passive – Dragon Practice:✍️ Grants stacks that increase the damage of Smolder’s basic abilities.
– ✍️Q – Super Scorcher Breath:✍️ Fire-breathing ability that becomes more powerful as more stacks are acquired.
– ✍️W – Achoooo!:✍️ An adorable flaming sneeze that explodes upon hitting enemy champions.
– ✍️E – Flap, flap, flap:✍️ Allows Smolder to take flight, ignoring terrain and attacking the lowest health enemy.
– ✍️R – MMOOOMMMM!:✍️ Calls Smolder’s mother to breathe fire from above, dealing extra damage and slowing enemies within the fire’s center.

➤ Tips from Lead Designer
Lead Designer, Matt Leung-Harrison, also known as Riot Phroxzon, shared some valuable tips for playing Smolder, including using his Q ability on minions to stack during the laning phase and leveraging the W ability to tag enemies before using the R ability for a more effective hit.

✍️Q: Is Smolder a strong laner?✍️
✍️A:✍️ Smolder’s laning phase can be challenging due to his stacking mechanic, requiring players to exercise caution and avoid overextending in the early game.

✍️Q: How does Smolder’s passive ability work?✍️
✍️A:✍️ Smolder’s passive, Dragon Practice, grants stacks upon hitting champions with abilities and killing enemies with Super Scorcher Breath. These stacks increase the damage of his basic abilities.

➤ Conclusion
With the introduction of Smolder, League of Legends has expanded its champion roster with a champion that brings a fresh and appealing dynamic to the ADC role. Players can look forward to exploring his abilities and playstyle to master this delightful addition to the game.

In essence, Smolder’s arrival breathes new, fiery excitement into the Summoner’s Rift, offering players a compelling and adorable alternative as a ranged attack-damage carry champion in League of Legends.

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