A Guide to Unlocking and Maximizing Kazushi Miyamoto’s Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload introduces players to the concept of social connections through its Social Link system. This allows players to deepen bonds with various characters, one of which is the Chariot Arcana, represented by Kazushi Miyamoto. Here’s an overview of Kazushi’s Social Link, detailing how to unlock it, the best dialogue choices at each rank, and the rewards for reaching the maximum level.

How to Unlock the Chariot Social Link

To initiate the Chariot Social Link, players must join the track team. On April 23rd, students will discuss the track team recruiting new members. By visiting the practice field in the gym hallway, players can apply to join the club, thereby unlocking the Chariot Social Link.

Social Link Choices

After joining the track team, players can start interacting with Kazushi Miyamoto, progressing through the Social Link’s ranks by doing club activities on available days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. While this link is not missable, players should manage their schedules, especially around exam periods.

Holiday Invitations

On holidays, Kazushi might invite you to spend time together, providing an opportunity for additional points. While not crucial for reaching Rank 10, these interactions can expedite your progress.

Chariot Social Link Rank 10 Reward

Upon reaching Rank 10, Kazushi expresses gratitude and rewards you with a Sports Tape. This valuable item allows you to summon the powerful Persona Thor, enhancing your arsenal in battles.

Should You Max Out Your Chariot Social Link?

Maxing out the Chariot Social Link is highly recommended. Not only does it unlock the ability to summon Thor, a formidable Persona, but it also shows Kazushi’s character and motivations. Additionally, Elizabeth rewards players with Twilight Fragments for each bond increase with Kazushi. While players can focus on other Social Links, maxing out the Chariot Social Link becomes possible after the summer break.


1. Can I miss the opportunity to join the track team and unlock Kazushi’s Social Link?

No, the Chariot Social Link is not missable. Players can join the track team at any time after the opportunity is presented on April 23rd.

2. Are there specific dialogue choices that I need to make to maximize the Social Link with Kazushi?

While there are optimal dialogue choices for each rank of the Social Link, the important factor is to spend time with Kazushi consistently to progress through the ranks.

3. What are the benefits of reaching Rank 10 in Kazushi’s Social Link?

Reaching Rank 10 of the Chariot Social Link allows players to summon the powerful Persona Thor, and also rewards them with a Sports Tape item.


Maximizing the Chariot Social Link with Kazushi Miyamoto in Persona 3 Reload not only grants valuable rewards but also provides insight into Kazushi’s character. By joining the track team and making consistent efforts to spend time with him, players can unlock the ability to summon Thor, strengthening their arsenal in battles, and gain a deeper understanding of Kazushi’s motivations.

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