A Guide to the Chizhang Wall Puzzle in Chenyu Vale

➤ A Comprehensive Guide to the Chizhang Wall Puzzle in Chenyu Vale

Genshin Impact’s latest update has brought players to the vast and mysterious Chenyu Vale. Among the many challenges and mysteries that await in this new region, the Chizhang Wall Puzzle stands out as a rewarding and engaging experience. This guide will provide a step-by-step breakdown of the puzzle-solving process and how to defeat the Ruin Grader to claim your rewards.

✔️ Cracking the Chizhang Wall Puzzle

The Chizhang Wall puzzle involves a series of steps that lead to unlocking hidden treasures. Below is a detailed breakdown of the puzzle-solving process:

✍️1. Fragrant Wood “Huangcong”:✍️
– Teleport to the waypoint near the Chizhang Wall ruins.
– Navigate through a series of green node puzzles, strategically placing pillars to unlock gates.
– Collect the Fragrant Wood “Huangcong” and a Precious Chest.

✍️2. Fragrant Wood “Chizhang”:✍️
– Teleport to the Statue of the Seven near Chizhang Wall and explore the ruins south of the statue.
– Solve another set of puzzles involving pillars, gates, and structures to obtain Fragrant Wood “Chizhang” and a Precious Chest.

✍️3. Unlock the Sealed Gate:✍️
– Head inside the main Chizhang Wall ruins and interact with the shrine in the middle.
– Offer the Fragrant Woods to unseal the gate, revealing a Jade Pendant.

✍️4. Collect Broken Jade Fragments:✍️
– Once inside the gate, collect the Broken Jade Fragments.

✍️5. Offer the Fragments to the Pendant:✍️
– Offer the Broken Jade Fragments to the Jade Pendant to proceed.

✔️ Defeating the Ruin Grader
Inside the opened gate, players will face a Ruin Grader. Defeating the Ruin Grader rewards players with a Luxurious Chest, concluding the Chizhang Wall adventure.

✔️ Understanding the Puzzle Mechanics
The Chizhang Wall Puzzle involves a strategic combination of obtaining Fragrant Woods, unlocking gates, and collecting Jade Fragments. Players must follow the steps outlined above to ensure success in cracking this puzzle.

✔️ Q: Are there any specific characters or elements needed to solve the Chizhang Wall Puzzle?
A: While there are no specific character or elemental requirements, players with characters specialized in puzzle-solving or exploration skills may find it easier to navigate through the puzzles.

✔️ Q: What kind of rewards can be obtained from completing the Chizhang Wall Puzzle?
A: Players can obtain Precious Chests, Luxurious Chests, and other valuable treasures as rewards for completing the Chizhang Wall Puzzle.

➤ Conclusion
The Chizhang Wall Puzzle in Chenyu Vale presents an exciting and rewarding challenge for Genshin Impact players. By following the step-by-step guide and understanding the puzzle mechanics, players can successfully crack the puzzle, defeat the Ruin Grader, and claim the hidden treasures that await within the Chizhang Wall ruins.

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